Benefits of Creating an Explainer Video for Your Mobile App

23 January 2014
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mobile app explainer video

mobile app explainer video

So you have created an awesome mobile app, and are ready to upload it to a marketplace. The first question you should be asking yourself now is, how will my audience or customers know how to use this app. It is for this reason why you need to create explainer videos to help customers find their way into using this app. An explainer video details functions, buttons and tips on how to use an item, app or program effectively without getting stuck.

There are many benefits that come with creating and marketing explainer video as discussed here.

A mobile app explainer video can be used as a tutorial to show customers their way around the app. This is an excellent way to show the app in action, as well as help market the same. Users can refer to the explainer video for your mobile app to familiarize themselves with it.

Another benefit of using these explainer videos is the fact that they get viral very easily. There are many free video directories that one can use to upload the video clip. Some of these include YouTube and Metacafe, which are the leading video directories today. Your mobile app will benefit from the increased exposure in these directories, and may lead to traffic and improved sales on the same.

Customer and mobile app users love using a teaser video to understand its functionality that reading up and down a written script. Videos create a more graphic, and visual content, which is easier to understand with background voicing than just a normal script.

An explainer video can be used as a tutorial, as well as a marketing too. You can use the video clip to call for action, as well as expose the mobile app more to target audience. In addition to this, the teaser video clip can be linked with social sites for increased exposure in the overly crowded market place.

Explainer videos represent your work of art and creativity, which can be used as a brand. Take a look at the trending mobile apps today; although the developer might have a thousand more apps, it is the most famous app than markets the others. It is therefore due to this reason why you need to create the explainer video to the best of your ability. You can even outsource the task for increased functionality and quality too.

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