Corporate Explainer Video Production for Marketing

31 January 2014
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Explainer videosAs a marketing tool, corporate explainer video production is a commonly used avenue to buy may businesses and corporations to kickoff their advertising and marketing. Using the video as pitch for marketing, a company will make sure the pass as much a possible in the video, which normal lasts an average length of 60seconds. The production is designed to convey information about the company, what it has to offer, and why the customers’ needs what is on offer. The explainer video will have a simple light touch to what is should pitch but a high impact on the target audience’s interests. This form of advertising and marketing has several advantages for businesses and corporates.

  1. Engaging With the Customer

An explainer video makes a simple message passed on to the viewing customer have a huge impact. When done the right way, it can immediately spark the interests of the customer. It is an effective platform that corporations and other business can use to engage their customers and inform them about what they have to offer. This is achieved through the audiovisual element in the corporate video, which can be an explainer animated video or a real video.

  1. Boosting Conversation Rates

Conversations on various social sites and business webpages are associated to the rapid spread of content and information of the internet. Making a good corporate explainer video is a good way of ensuring that you achieve such a goal. As the customers engage in conversation with the corporation or business after watching the video, there is a butterfly effect and this tends to make many such videos go viral online. It is thus essential to ensure that the message conveyed to the consumer is simple and easy to understand.

  1. Viral Effect

As more and more people engage in conversations about the video or videos, the corporation, and what is on offer, it becomes easier to do marketing. The conversations shared between consumers will be the fuel that drives the advertising.  Effective social marketing centers on sharing of information and content; this is why corporate explainer video production is one of the most effective form of marketing on the internet. It will lead to an increased web traffic for the business’ website.

  1. Retaining and Comprehending Information

People tend to remember what they hear and see as opposed to what they will only hear.  An explainer video will have the audience remember every things they will hear and see. This however depends on the creativity used in the corporate explainer video.

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