Cartoon Explainer Video Production Pointers

31 January 2014
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Cartoon explainer video

Cartoon explainer video

Explainer videos have quickly gained recognition as the most effective form of advertising. Many companies are going out of their way; pulling all stops they can to ensure that they have an explainer video for their advert campaigns. Cartoon explainer videos cost less and are as effective as real videos. It is all a matter of having the right script, use of the right words, keeping short and precise, and above all use of good animation. Any video ad should tell a story, short as it may be, the impact should transcend that amount of time taken to view the vide. Such should be the goals in making an animated explainer video. Conversely, the cartoon should depict the message being passed to the target audience. It should also be captivation with a touch of humor.

Here are a few pointers on that you should aim for in a cartoon explainer video production.

The Animation: –              Opting to use animated ads is seems overly misdirected especially if the target audience is not children. However, that is precisely the leverage offered by cartoons in adverts. They are abstractive, and will captivate the adult audience. Some touch of humor is always an extra punch in the animated explainer production that ensures the target audience is appreciative of the animated explainer video. This in turn makes them receptive to the message conveyed in the video. The critical thing is to ensure that you use animations that capture the intensions and image of the company and the message conveyed in the cartoon explainer video production.

Video Length: –                 It is important to keep to the standards of making high-impact explainer videos. This applies to animated or real videos. It is the length of the videos that should guide you on the video’s script. A good explainer video production should have a max of 90seconds in length or a minimum of 35 seconds. Based on this, you will make sure that all the important information is well organized for effective conveyance to the target audience. Do not go for a very short explainer video and neither should it be long. Anything between 35 seconds and 60seconds is ideal.

The words: –                       While the maximization of opportunities counts, it is not always the best call; point in case being in the production of cartoon explainer videos. You should bear in mind that the animation also conveys a message. Therefore, keep to the simple standards of having around 80 words for your 35 seconds long explainer video, or 160words for a 60seconds, and 230words for a 90seconds long animated explainer video.

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